About Us

Blend SA offers an broad range of original homeware, gifts, cards and stationary. Our products aim to be functional yet beautiful, helping to make both the inside and out a happier place to be. Originality, good design and competitive pricing remain paramount to our company.

We put an emphasis on local design and manufacturing, wherever possible. This allows us flexibility to create bespoke items, manage tight deadlines and have better quality control – which makes us a great option for Corporate Gifting.

Viewing our range is only possible to those registered for a wholesale account – you can apply for one here.

History… Blend SA started in a garage, some 14 or so years ago with duck tap tops. One product at a time the range grew and the company officially got its name “Blend SA” in 2003. We continued with a local focus and some of our earliest products are still regular sellers today, such as Tablecloth Weights and Keyrings. With a constant drive to develop lovely, well-priced products and we eventually got the range to a point where we felt a need to start importing. Even when importing, we never order a product as is – we always tweak the design, colour or finish to make it our own.

We are a family business, and with a good balance for of old/new, the classic/contemporary and the bright/neutral, we are always thinking of our next product. We strive to always keep our ever increasing customer-base in mind.