Locked down at home!

Home Desktop!

Blend SA has been keeping busy working at home thinking & Planning for the future & also been updating the website, besides doing a lot of tidying (work & home stuff) baking, cooking, gardening, sewing & photography & feel I still dont have enough time for all of that, but look forward to when we can generate some income again & so can all our awesome customers. In the meantime I thought I would start a blog and keep you abreast with new products & share with you ideas, recipes and even a joke!

tea towels –

A tea towel has numerous uses

& now you have been home baking up a storm – use it to drape over freshly baked bread, rolls, muffins & for keeping toast warm.

Place over rising dough when you are making bread.

Cover kitchen equipment such as mixers & Food processors to help protect from dust especially when you have to do all the housework!

Tuscan Peasant Loaf with Colonial Tea towel in linen
BREAD BIN (bilingual!) – Enamel

We cant wait to show you the new products –

STRIPES – all back in stock & dark grey & mustard now NEW.

Arrived the week of Lockdown and all the New designed tea towels (on the website now) & were launched at……………………….

SARCDA MARCH 2020 & in the warehouse now & planning new prints when we are able to get back on our feet and spend money on development!

Very delicious and easy to make – add less sugar than it says! Good for the brink of Winter

I just wanted to make a start on this blog & must say kept starting to write it

several times in the past 10 days & once I post this first one – I will be gathering ideas for lots more news & SPECIALS coming soon especially when we start getting back to work. These will be sent out via Mailchimp soon.

We have this last week opened the warehouse & Office in Pinetown but from next week 18th May we can sell you anything from the range & its all on the Website & easy to order. –

There are 1000’s of new Scarves to keep you warm & protect you around your head & face & buy, sell & use Paper Napkins – better option as Fabric ones have to washed all the time – like your mask!

Happy Week-end & be safe.